Vykonny is a Tech based East African company started for the purpose of implementing innovative and dynamic projects that contribute to the economic development of organizations and improve the way business is conducted. We create and deliver services that enhance your business agility. Our leading-edge solutions enable major organizations worldwide to achieve measurable and substantial benefits. Major solutions include product development and life-cycle support, process and network engineering, plus data transformation and analytics.


Vykonny helps organizations gain valuable business insights and provides dynamic technology solutions for various verticals, including Utilities, Transportation, Payments, Health, Security, Human Resource Management, Banking and Insurance amongst others.


With good data and the right technology, people and institutions today can still solve hard problems and change the world for the better. When we look at the available technology, we see products that are too rigid to handle novel problems, and custom systems that take too long to deploy and require too many services to maintain and improve. We have also seen automated approaches that failed against adaptive adversaries, and all-or-nothing access controls that forced organizations to make unacceptable trade-offs between collaborating and securing sensitive data from misuse. We saw a need for a different kind of technology, and we knew it would take a different kind of company to build it. That’s why we founded Vykonny.


We are working to build a future in which public institutions, commercial enterprises, and non-profit organizations can use data to function as they were designed—to fulfill the mandates with which they’ve been entrusted, to deliver value to customers, and to distribute aid to those most in need.